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KARIN Designer cottage

沖縄 恩納村 ペンション貸別荘のカリン 海イメージ

KARIN is located at Onna Village, which is well known for its large resort.  Cottage can only be reserved one group a night. We have opened cottage in October 2013. Hope you have a relaxed stay in luxury.

High quality self catering holiday cottage offers you a private and relaxing atmosphere.  Specious cottage features a fully equipped kitchen, stocked and fitted with everything need for comfortable stay.

KARIN Design Cottage

Just relax and enjoy your luxury stay. We’d like to welcome with cordial hospitality

沖縄の貸別荘KARIN wi-fi無料でご利用頂けます。


沖縄の綺麗な海にすぐ会える 貸し別荘コテージ