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Graduation trip season in Japan


Cottage Okinawa Japan

Hello there. I’m staff of KARIN Design Cottage.

I found cute flowers were blooming in front of the entrance.


It made me realize that Spring is becoming.

Even tho it’s little cold weather here in Okinawa these days, it’ll be warm soon 😀


In Japan, February and March is a graduation trip season for the college students who will graduate this semester.

New school year starts in April in Japan, and Cherry Blossom blooms also in April!(Except in Okinawa)

So Cherry Blossoms make people think of new beginnings.


Everyone is getting prepare for their own new beginnings..

We are also starting prepare for new things!


Looking forward to announce it to you all soon.. ♡



沖縄の綺麗な海にすぐ会える 貸し別荘コテージ