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Cottage is located in resort area of Okinawa


KARIN Design Cottage is located in Onna-Village, which is in the middle of Okinawa Island.


If you are planning to go sightseeing in Okinawa, I would like to recommend here.

All famous tourist spot is within an hour’s drive of cottage, such as Churaumi Aquarium, Ryukyu-mura, and Cape Manzamo.


Besides,Onna village is well known for its large resort along the coastline.


Cottage located very near the natural beach, and many restaurants are also located near the cottage.

We’ll show you the surrounding information at anytime if you need it.


By all means, Please visit here at least once.


恩納村 万座毛


沖縄の綺麗な海にすぐ会える 貸し別荘コテージ